Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Continuity, Comfort and Reliability

HOA and COA boards are constantly faced with the issue of volunteer turnover. Serving on a board can seem like a thankless job and burn out can occur quickly. Many homeowners do not understand the commitment and the time it can take to have a successful community.
The addition of a trusted community association manager (CAM) can bring invaluable continuity to your property. Having the consistency of a committed Board makes the process smoother, but having the same CAM from year-to-year offers stability.

Every community and every Board has a personality and goals - some short term and some long term. Short term goals are typically easy to handle, but the goals that take years to complete require someone to be diligent in follow up and control. If a new group of Board members come on every year, it takes many sessions just to bring everyone up to speed. As a result, you lose valuable time recreating the process. Having Board members that make a long term commitment and a CAM that has been involved throughout the process makes this more productive and utilizes the small amount of time a volunteer has to its fullest potential.
The average industry turnover for a CAM is 2 to 3 years.  At Access Management Group, we are proud of our average turnover, which is significantly higher at 7 to 8 years. This ensures your community will not lose the knowledge and your Board will be able to be as efficient and productive as possible.
At Access Management, we believe in promoting from within. This provides your community with additional stability because you not only have a tried-and-true employee, but one who understands our systems and processes as well as our commitment to quality. When a community management company begins serving a new property, they spend countless hours becoming familiar with the property and typically will not have a full functioning expertise for many months. Our durability is reflected in the long-term relationships we maintain with our clients – evidenced by several communities which have been with us for over 20 years.
We go the extra mile in offering training to our personnel to allow them to further their industry knowledge and broaden their base of expertise. This allows a Board to have a vast amount of knowledge at their finger tips and a CAM that is prepared to handle a variety of situations.
We believe in personal service at every level. Our support staff understands the concept of working with homeowners to answer questions, resolve conflicts and create goodwill within the community. It is our desire to make every community we represent better and more vibrant. Not only does this make the process smoother, it also increases property values.

Last but not least, we believe in training our Boards so they understand the roles each party plays in the management of their property. We go in-depth about Board responsibilities and the pitfalls to be avoided. We detail the decisions a Board can make, including important information to ensure compliance with Georgia law. We also discuss how the Board can further protect itself, should it make a decision that results in a lawsuit. In this training, we outline important topics such as insurance issues, ADA issues, compliance issues, debt collection and special assessments. We believe an educated Board will not only operate more effectively and efficiently, but that it will gain the respect of its community though a stronger approach to professionalism.
As a volunteer, we understand that your time is valuable. The more time invested on wasted efforts not only slows the process down but it also impacts you as a Board member. No one wants to be at odds with a neighbor and we firmly believe that proper education, attitude and continuity in a Board of Directors - along with properly trained management personnel - is the recipe for success.
So the questions become “Do you wish to be as productive as possible? Do you wish to be as knowledgeable as possible? Do you wish to reflect a professional approach and resolve conflict as quickly as possible?”  If so, work with a management company that is known for all the above and has done it longer than any other company in the metro Atlanta area:  Access Management Group!


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