Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pool Party Foul

Everyone enjoys splashing in the pool during our hot Georgia summers.  All too often, one of two events occurs that require the pool to be shut down for a span of days:  1. Fecal contamination and 2. glass bottles.

While a small child, a special needs person, or an elderly individual may wear swim diapers, these are not proof against fecal contamination.  Frequent (every 30 to 60 minute) bathroom breaks and diaper changes, followed by thorough cleaning of the backside, are the best proof against contamination.  When a bowel movement does occur, the pool must go through a round of chemical treatment before it is safe for use.  It is not unusual for the pool area to be closed several days to avoid chemical burns.  If the person causing the closure can be identified, an Association may choose to charge back all related costs to the individual.

Too often, glass beer bottles are found disposed of in trash cans located within the fenced area of the pool.  County regulations prohibit the presence of all glass containers, because a broken piece of glass is difficult to detect in the water, and easily injures a swimmer (think severed digits!)

Whenever glass does make it in to the pool, the County requires that the entire basin be drained to confirm that no glass is still present.  This is expensive, as it is not a service covered in standard pool contracts and there is also the cost of pumping in and treating new water.  It is also frustrating for everyone else in the community who has to wait several days before being allowed to use this wonderful amenity during PEAK season.

If you spot anyone using any type of glass container within the fenced area of the pool, immediately share the above reason to this person and make sure the glass is removed ASAP.  If the person refuses to comply, you should send your Board of Directors or management team photographic proof and any details that will help them identify the individual who is exposing everyone else to possible injury.

Turning a blind eye to these situations is not an option:  The safety of you and your neighbors is too important for this to be ignored.


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