Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We Are Family

At Access Management we pride ourselves in developing long-term relationships with our clients through experience, knowledge, communication, and personable interactions.  The relationship we have with each of our Communities is extremely important to us.  This is why “We Manage Your Community Like It Is Our Own.”
Every community has its own unique set of requirements.  This is why it is important for each client to rely on the experience of Access Management Group to work through these to ensure a beneficial outcome for the community as a whole.
In addition to cultivating a relationship with the community as a whole, through homeowner interactions and property visits, Access Management Group has an even more in-depth relationship with the Board of Directors.  The Board plays a very significant part in the decision-making for the Association.  Such decisions are not always easy, so we thank these Board volunteers for the work they put in every day.
The relationship between a Board and Access Management Group needs to be one filled with knowledge and trust.  Each Community Association Manager at Access Management Group has put in the long hours of becoming a licensed manager as well as ongoing continuing education hours.  Combined with constant access to the Community Association Institute, as well as accredited attorneys for specialized in Community Associations, we are prepared for anything that should arise in your neighborhood. 

It is vital that each director understand his or her role as a Board member in the community.  There are several helpful articles to aid volunteers located on the Community Association Institute website or via Access Management.  To get started:  http://www.caionline.org/info/help/Pages/default.aspx.
If you are currently a member of your Board of Directors or are considering it in the future, please know that Access Management Group is probably your most important resource when it comes to managing your community.   Let us be your guide on the very eclectic task of running a Community Association.

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