Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Consistency Creates Opportunity

Board service can, at times, be a challenging responsibility - and Board members can become easily frustrated at the lack of trust and respect from homeowners.  Even with a good communication program in place, showing how Board decisions and actions add value to the Association, the negative responses can continue to flow. This is one of the main reasons that prevent board members from wanting to serve additional years on an association Board.

It takes a lot of good memories to make the bad ones fade.  If your Board has a history of mediocrity or poor performance, it can take several years of solid operation to erase ill-will.  You will continue to be lumped in with past Boards until you have created an enduring narrative displaying otherwise.  Four or five years of positive leadership may be required before this occurs.

During this time, fresh faces are added to the community and some long-time residents experience life-altering events (retirement, children, health) - all providing the Board with a new chance to cultivate volunteerism.  Don’t let these be missed opportunities!  

If you are always “on message” and consistently act in a positive manner, the doors will open at unexpected moments, providing that edge to boost your Association to the next level. 

All things have different growing seasons, and while the time it takes to grow a productive neighborhood is measured in years, the rewards go beyond the month-to-month and year-to-year accomplishments you gain as Board volunteers.  Strive to establish a legacy of expecting only the best from future Boards!

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