Friday, January 27, 2012

Our Full-Service Commitment

When homeowners and condominium associations are searching for a professional property management firm they must ask themselves what tasks will be handled by the property management company. Are they really full service firm or will there still be areas our association will still be responsible for?

The beauty of engaging a firm like Access Management Group is our expansive services are backed by over 30 years of experience directing the operations of homeowners and condominium associations. We have you covered by offering pre-approved vendors to handle all of your maintenance and repair issues and a fully staffed team of agents who specialize in bylaws and covenants as well as financial issues.

Leave the Repairs and Reviews to Us
In addition to providing first-rate vendors who provide speedy and affordable services, we offer a comprehensive package to provide your association with coverage from the ground up. Our team is skilled in providing construction management, on-site property administration, and repair services.

We effectively streamline your operations and consolidate operations to reduce costs and increase service. Our additional services include:
A 24/7 emergency and non-emergency contact service via telephone, email, or Web Portal for maintenance issues;
Pre-screening by maintenance staff to address potential and existing repair issues;
Permit process and engineering services for projects with local zoning board;
Bid solicitation from qualified contractors from list of preferred vendors; 
Access to licensed and highly skilled maintenance staff to provide repair and service for common areas;
Proposal review to ensure compliance and correct scope of projects are included; and
A range of construction services from new construction and remodeling to general maintenance.

 A Step-by-Step Provider
Access Management Group prides itself on offering an array of construction and repair services to facilitate and further an association’s construction and financial goals. We offer step-by-step services that provide you the confidence and ability to move ahead with your construction projects without the worry or hassle of finding reputable and dependable workers.

Our teams of pre-screened vendors are a pool of licensed and bonded companies who have a proven track record of providing competitive pricing, a high quality of workmanship, and a commitment to customer service. In addition, we offer assistance with the permit process and engineering services to assist you in the sometimes cumbersome task of clearing the permit process.

Contact Access Management Group Today
To receive a proposal from us, please contact us via our contact form on our website at Simply fill out the form and submit it and one of our dedicated customer service representatives will contact shortly. We look forward to serving you.

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