Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What Does the Architectural Committee Really Do?

Are you getting ready to make an addition to your house or build a new shed or fence in your back yard? Before you break out the miter saw, make sure to get your plans approved by your association’s architectural committee.

While it may seem arbitrary from an individual homeowner’s standpoint, the architectural committee looks out for the entire community. Aside from stopping residents from painting pink polka dots on their houses, the committee’s job is to make sure that the size and style of the project, the type of building materials being used and the overall look of the new structure adhere to the association’s design requirements. Not only does this keep the community looking cohesive, it also helps to keep property values up by preventing individual structures from standing out. Of course, it’s also important to note that unapproved structures might legally have to be removed at the owner’s expense, so save yourself money and headaches by getting approval before building.

So when you’re ready to start your new project, or if the design of your project changes midway through building it, send your plans to the architectural committee first so that the committee can make sure they’re in compliance with the association’s design standards. If the committee does find any issues, they will let you know what they are and try to help you come up with other options. The Association does appreciate all the hard work residents do (and have done) to make their homes and their community beautiful—so help the Association keep your community looking great by keeping them in the loop on all of your building projects.


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