Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Advantages of a Property Management Firm

The task of running a homeowners association or condominium association can put undo stress on property owners. There are specific bylaws, covenants and financial document preparation that must be administrated. Following the law and preparing financial statements, such as operating budgets and receiving fees, can be an untold burden on property owners. 

The advantages of a professionally managed association are numerous. We take the daily administrative tasks out of a board's hand and let them concentrate on maintaining the integrity of their community. We will work side-by-side to govern and address any issues as they arise.

Our Pledge to You
Access Management Group is committed to providing 24/7 services our clients. We can be counted on to be contacted at any time for emergency situations. We are available via our Web Portal, the telephone, or by email. With our over 30 years of professional management experience, providing outstanding services to over 50,000 satisfied homeowners, Access Management Group is a group of skilled and talented professionals who are adept at handling any challenging situation. Our vast knowledge of bylaws and covenants, as well as our intensive knowledge of a financial reporting ,makes us a trusted name within the Atlanta metro area.

We Can Help
Our goal is to provide homeowners with a peaceful and community-focused place to live. Our services are tailored to provide homeowners with a set of professional services that promotes good relationships amongst neighbors and allows community members to live in harmony.
Homeowners Association
Here’s what we provide:
  • Guidelines to homeowners on architectural questions and field maintenance requests.
  • Plant maintenance and scheduling services, code, and project review as well as recommendations.
  • Design assistance as well as construction management and oversight.
  • A professional team that offers payment confirmation and approval, sub-contractor coordination, risk management assessment, insurance claims assistance and review as well as offers architectural review and compliance.
  • In-home repair services, such as carpet installation, electrical work, plumbing services, chimney repairs, heating and air systems, foundation and roof repairs.   Our in-home repair services are provided by a group of pre-approved and licensed trade professionals.    

Board of Directors
Our professional team partners with your homeowners association to provide expert guidance on its fiduciary responsibilities, financial statement preparation, governance authority, and budgets. We work closely with boards to ensure compliance and accord between homeowners.  

Our goal is to empower homeowner and condominium associations with the ability to operate in a professional, legal, and friendly manner - which promotes harmony and trust amongst neighbors.

A well-run homeowners or condominium association will pay dividends by improving relationships between neighbors and promoting the community to potential buyers. This will only maintain the value of the community and appeal to prospective buyers and keep homeowner turnover low.        

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