Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pass It On!

A frequent question raised by potential clients, potential employees and vendors is, “How does Access Management Group obtain new business?” 

Georgia Statutes, Section 43-40-25(b)(26) “Licensees shall not engage in any of the following unfair trade practices: …Obtaining a brokerage agreement…while knowing or having reason to believe that another broker has an exclusive brokerage agreement…unless the licensee has written permission from the broker having the first exclusive brokerage agreement; provided, however, that notwithstanding the provisions of this paragraph, a licensee shall be permitted to present a proposal or bid for community association management if requested to do so in writing from a community association board of directors;”
The State of Georgia requires that, with very few exceptions, all community association managers operate under a licensed broker.  The provision for broker solicitation is very clear:  Unless the existing management company of a community has given permission, another management company may only present a proposal upon request by a Board of Directors.  In simple terms, management companies in the state of Georgia can not actively solicit new communities.  They are only able to provide proposals to those communities that first approach the company requesting a quote.

Unfortunately, some management companies choose to push the boundaries on how much interaction is acceptable. When these companies choose to skirt the law - through aggressive advertising and pricing - it's at the expense of quality service.  The Atlanta region as compared to other areas of the nation, is known for cheap managerial contracts and low paid managers.  The predictable result is a migration of talent to those markets that are willing to pay for quality...all because certain companies are not playing by the rules.

What can a community expect of a management company resorting to such tactics to obtain business?  What other “short cuts” may be taken?  Rather than place a stain on the community association profession, Access Management chooses to let word-of-month referrals by existing satisfied customers attract a clientele that places a premium on a community’s reputation - rather than associating its name with questionable vendor partners. 

A reputable client paired with a reputable management company adds value to both.  How does Access Management Group obtain new business?  By consistently treating its employees, vendors, and clients with exceptional respect

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