Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Access Management Establishing A Corporate Charitable Giving Program

Access Management Group
Establishing Charitable Giving Program

Access Management Group owner, "Dick Ruthven" and comptroller "Sean Ruthven" are proud to announce that plans are underway to develop a Corporate Charitable Giving program at Access Management. In fact, the leadership team is already hard at work establishing their first corporate sponsorship. While nothing has been finalized yet, the photo above should provide some insight into the organization we are working with as the first potential recipient of support from AMG's new program. We hope to make a formal announcement as soon as definitive plans are in place.

Access Management Group is one of Atlanta's premier property management firms. We have been proudly serving the Atlanta metropolitan area for more than 30 years. Our expert team of HOA or COA association management personnel provide a turn-key property management solution that allows Homeowner and Condo Association board members, and actual homeowners to simply enjoy living in their subdivisions while handing off the burden of formal HOA and COA management to our firm. We handle all the financial, accounting, maintenance and legal duties associated with managing an HOA or COA

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