Monday, August 8, 2011

AMG Manages Your Community Like its Their Own

Homeowners may often wonder: “What can a property management company do for my homeowners association?” and “Why does my HOA need a property management company?”

We can answer those questions and more…

Access Management Group (AMG) works with your board of directors and HOA to improve the quality of life in your community. A full-service property management company, AMG handles all of the day-to-day operations needed to effectively and successfully manage your community – from handling the repairs associated with your community’s common area to providing guidance to the Board with regard to budgets, financial statements, and governance.

Access Management Group also communicates with homeowners to ensure they receive prompt and courteous attention to questions ranging from schedules and maintenance requests to community guidelines.

You can rest assured that all of the “behind the scenes” business will be taken care of by AMG. Your community’s experienced property manager will assist in enforcing covenants, rules, regulations, bylaws, vendor compliance and provide support services for homeowners and guidance for the Board.

Access Management Group, metro Atlanta’s leading and trusted property management company, has been working with homeowners associations and condo associations for more than 20 years. More than 200 homeowners and condominium associations trust Access Management Group to handle day-to-day operations.

Access Management Group has enjoyed an outstanding reputation in the condominium and homeowner association management industry since the early 1970’s, and has assembled a staff of Community Association Managers that is unmatched in Georgia. Access Management Group’s goal is to form a partnership with the Board of Directors in assisting in protecting, preserving, and enhancing the Association and owner’s real estate investments. For more information about Access Management Group, please visit the company’s website at

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