Monday, June 20, 2011

Choosing the Best In-Home Maintenance Professional for Your Home

A bad plumber can destroy your household. So can unqualified roofers, painters, and electricians. Unskilled and under-qualified in-home maintenance workers can cost you more than just money – the result is often countless hours of time and frustration trying to correct a job that should have been performed properly in the first place.

Homeowners associations and Condo associations who choose Access Management Group as their property management company can rest assured that they’ll never have to deal with a bad plumber again.

Access Management Group’s in-home maintenance repair program provides you with a list of pre-approved service providers for your in-home maintenance needs. Access Management guarantees their Atlanta metro area vendors are licensed and insured, offer competitive pricing within industry standards, and have a proven track record of reliable, timely, and quality workmanship. Access Management also offers top-rated commercial companies not normally available to individual homeowners.

The in-home maintenance program offers the following services:

Handyman Services
Tile Work
Custom Cabinetry
Heating & Cooling
Chimney Services
Pressure Washing
Cleaning / Janitorial  

Join the thousands of homeowners who live in HOA’s or COA’s that are supported by Access Management and take advantage of its pre-approved vendor program. You’ll rest easy knowing the service providers you choose for your home repairs have a proven track record of quality work at reasonable prices.

Access Management Group has enjoyed an outstanding reputation in the condominium and homeowner association management industry since the early 1970’s, and has assembled a staff of Community Association Managers that is unmatched in Georgia. Access Management Group’s goal is to form a partnership with the Board of Directors in assisting in protecting, preserving, and enhancing the Association and owner’s real estate investments. For questions regarding the in-home maintenance program, call (770) 777-6890 or email For more information about Access Management Group, please visit the company’s website at


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  2. Hello! Could you tell me how can we join your AMG? It is very tempting to have access to many skilled craftsmen. We only have a great locksmith guys, but when it comes to other problems we are in trouble

  3. I needed a company to come and check my drainage in my tub and also look at my sink in the kitchen and bathroom. They showed up within a couple hours and fixed all three issues. The tech A-plus plumbers were honest and did a great job. Very happy with the service. Trust is very important and A-plus plumbers did a great job at!!!!!!